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my confession

"I ship Tommy and Floor Jansen."

"I recently saw Kamelot live, and it totally felt like Tommy had breathed new life into the band. Amazing."

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"Tommy’s acting in My Confession is really great!"

"I hope Tommy will record vocals for another version of "We Are Not Separate". Then all the singers will have covered it! "

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"I have taken up playing the cello again. Sometimes I harmonize with my angel, who still sings to me to calm the ghost of chaos which lingers in an inner chamber of my heart. Never again will I forget. I’ve come to realize that one should never cast their tragedies aside to be forgotten once happiness steps back into their life. If you make peace with devastation and embrace it as part of your character, it will remain a strength. Otherwise, it could rear is ugly head later in jealous competition against contentment."

"I used to look into the Kamelot tag several times a day, but now nothing ever happens there and I don’t think I’d miss anything if I only looked in there once a month. That makes me a little bit sad."

"I miss this fandom it used to be so lively and fun and now it’s dead. :( "

"I recently met Kamelot, they are some the nicest people ever. "

wow i’m so sorry

"Do Tommy got the booty? He doooooo "

"My Kamelot confession is my confession that My Confession was my confession "

"There’s no end to what I’ll do, because I love you."


"In response to a much earlier confession, hugging isn’t all I would do to Tommy. "

We will be ignoring all confessions containing “vanderbilt" and/or "black tower" okay thank you bye~

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